Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day tripping to Malmo Sweden just because I could

I had to go to Sweden just because it was so close how could I not visit another country. I took the train because it was going to Sweden before we boarded security checked to see if we had passports, or ID.  Malmo is close to Copenhagen and we set off but at the boarder Security boarded to be sure we had passports or ID and they even checked to see if anyone was in the toilet. I have since discovered that transport operators would be fined heavily if any improperly  documented people were found to be brought into Sweden. The trip was short about 45 minutes. I arrived at Malmo station and set off it was gloomy but at least it was not raining. I first headed to the waterfront I saw a light house in the distance so I walked over to it and walked across a bridge. I was lucky a couple came along and I was able to have my photo taken, with the lighthouse in the background.

Malmo water front

Cricket loves daffodils 

King Karl X Gustav Stortogret Square

Unusual Fountain

and the band played on

Cricket joins the band on Sodergartan

I then headed into the town center came across a pretty little square Stortogret with a fountain and lots of tulips in bloom. There was a statue of  King Karl X Gustav he was the one that got Malmo it's freedom from Denmark.  By this time I needed a toilet and did not see any available so I walked into a hotel and asked if I could use their ladies room and was told of course.  I walked some more and came across Lilla Torg which is a former town market since 1592, it was pretty despite the gloomy skies, lots of places to eat.  Up next was Sodergartan a Pedestrian shopping area with some really interesting sculptures. There were a row of fountains there, and I enjoyed watching the kids watching the ducks but I had to stand in a doorway to get warm it was cold.  I came across a cute little park with fountains and I could see another in the distance but at this point I did not feel up to the hike because I knew it was quite a hike back to the train station from where I was. 

Lilla Torg

Fountains near Sodergartan there were a whole row of them
enjoying the ducks in the fountain

On my way back to the train station I visited St Petri (St Peter) church some pretty interesting art work inside. There was a nice canal nearby with boat rides, although it was way too cold and gloomy for that.  I stopped at Burger King for a cup of coffee and and to use their wifi and post a few photos on Facebook,  then slowly headed back to the train station. I am glad I visited Malmo it was a pretty town and I can imagine on a sunny day it would be beautiful. The train ride back was quick because they did not check anyone apparently Denmark does not care who or what comes into their country.  I returned to blue skies and sunshine and decided to get something to eat. I had Chinese noodles yesterday so I decided it was so good I would have some more. I walked around for a couple hours and came across Carlsberg Clyptotek which is an art museum it was closed but I looked in the gardens.  I passed Tivoli which is an amusement park I had no interest in visiting but long lines outside.

wall inside St Petri

St Petri

along the canal Malmo

outside Glypotek in Copenhagen


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