Monday, April 25, 2016

City Park and the Budapest Zoo

I was able to use my 48 hour pass this morning to take the bus to the first stop which is where Hero's Square is I noticed an area the other morning that I wanted to explore. I got off it was a gloomier day then yesterday even.  I walked back behind the Square and found the City Park.  There was a very interesting statue of Anonymous by Miklos Ligeti; the haunting statue honors a man who nobody knows. 

The Statue of Anonymous

Jak Chapel

The Hungarian Agricultural Museum part of Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle

I made a spur of the moment decision to go to the zoo that was in the City park and I am so dang happy I did. I had the great opportunity to see the 2 koala bears taken down from their tree and they were checked with a little monitor and had their ears checked and their backs brush they were so sweet. I was thrilled and then I went to see the ring-tail lemurs which are also a fave of mine and there were three of them in on the loose in this glass tropical like room. There were benches and I spent quite awhile sitting just watching them in action they were loads of fun. There were others behind glass and they were watching the ones on the loose like hey when is my turn.   The whole zoo had very colorful displays and I enjoyed looking at them.  I missed the bus back and I started the trip back to the hotel it was almost 2 miles and they had benches along the way and I was able to stop and sit I was so sore though each time it was harder to get up. I was hoping to find something to eat but did not see any other restaurants and  I saw a bakery and walked in and picked up a salami with veggies on a really nice seeded roll and it cost about  1.50 so cheap and yummy. 


ruffed lemur

new male Mangabey

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