Saturday, April 23, 2016

Budapest the Hop off and on Way

Hero's Square

My hotel was located fairly close to the stop for Hop Off and On Budapest bus tour, after buying a ticket from reception I headed off to find the bus stop.  I got on the bus and we headed towards Hero's Square.  I got off there and did some exploring, the first thing  I saw was The Seven Chieftains of the Magyars (or Hungarians) who were the leaders of the seven tribes of Hungarians at the arrival to the Carpathian Basin in 895 AD. It was quite impressive to see, when I was back on the bus I noticed another area to come back to.

The Seven Chieftains of the Magyars

The next stop was the Varket Bazar (Castle Garden) which was located on the Buda side of the river,  this was amazing too look at and I since discovered that this was recently restored it also there were a few shops and a garden and I did not realize at the time you could go up to the Castle Hill from here. There were quite a few stairs and with my knee I decided against climbing them.  There were also statues from the First World War again the size made me see Budapest does not believe in doing things in a small way. 
Varket Bazar

size of this car against the statue give and an idea how huge statue is

Then it was off to the Castle Hill also on the Buda side of the river and some serious stairs but well worth it for the views on top. The first was on the way up was the Fisherman's Bastion, which was name from the guild of fishermen that was responsible for defending this stretch of the city walls in the Middle Ages it is a terrace with many stairs and walking paths. There was  an incredible view of the Pest side including the Parliament and Margaret Island. I walked around and many people were doing selfies and I decided to try and get me with the Parliament in the background as you can see I did not quite succeed. Luckily I was able to get someone to take a photo of me and cricket with the Parliament across the Danube.


I loved Castle Hill once I got up there and it was perfect weather day with sun that set off the area. Matthias church with its Gothic edifice it was designed in late 13th century and because it was by the Royal Castle it was used as site for coronations and royal weddings. It was closed at the moment so I did not go inside. Trinity Square had a beautiful Trinity Column which was built to celebrate the end of the plague and protect citizens from another epidemic.  I walked through the area and it suddenly felt hot and I needed something cool so it was a good time for a chocolate Gelato had a bit time explaining to the girl she thought I was pointing to something else then she though I wanted two cones as I tried to explain I wanted the other one.  Sometimes not knowing the language is hard. After that I looked into the shops and also people watched one of my fave pastimes when I travel.
oh those steps to Castle Hill

Fisherman's Bastion

Matthias Church 

Trinity column

St Stephen

Well since it was sunny out and I knew rain would be coming the next day I decided to use my ticket to take the river cruise that was included. I got on the bus and headed to the spot to take the boat, I got on the boat and found a seat at the front however it turns out that was not the boat, but a place to sit waiting for the boat so we were suddenly told to go to the boat as a result I was way at the back I was looking for a spot closer to the front and just stand but a woman motioned me to sit by her and she moved.  I had a pretty good view of the Parliament as we went by and I was able to snap some good photos seeing it from the water it appeared even more amazing.  The boat made a stop at Margaret Island (Margitsziget) so i got off and started walking around I was so lucky as there was a fountain where the water was going up in down in in-tune with music (the Music fountain) and I found a seat right in the front and enjoyed several songs before it stopped so I considered myself lucky to have seen it. Feeling a bit peckish I looked at some stands selling food and everyone was buying a scone with sour cream and cheese yes as yummy as it looks. I left after decided it was time to leave so I took the boat back to the dock and then proceeded to walk along the Danube for awhile towards Parliament took my time as it was a bit of a hike.On my way back to the hotel I found Freedom Square "an awesome fountain, a series of water spouts that are timed to rise and fall at varying rates. One moment was a wall of water the next there is an opening to walk into center and stay dry."

Parliament as seen from River boat

size is just amazing

Margaret Bridge

Music fountain
fountain in Freedom Square

Freedom Square

yummy scone