Friday, April 29, 2016

Copenhagen and the tour that ran away

Town Hall Square Radhuspladsen
I went to breakfast a bit later because I did not want to run into the Red Hatters again and enjoyed a peaceful breakfast. I flew on Norwegian airlines and they had free wi-fi so it was fun sending messages from the sky. After my arrival  in Copenhagen, I had booked a hotel close to the train station but had trouble finding it I asked at another hotel and not only did the man I ask tell me how to get there but walked out the door to be sure I was headed in the right direction.  I knew I had a shared bath but they did not say only two toilets for an entire floor, they did have 4 showers. My room was at the end so it was quite a hike to the toilet, my room was small but it was nice enough. It has a radiator so I can do some laundry. 

Lur blowers If a Virgin passes by this statue they will blow their horns

Hans Christian Anderson

Equestrian Statue of Bishop Absalon Founder of the City of Copenhagen

Copenhagen Peace Watch outside Danish Parliament building Christianborg
A steadily growing group of people who value peace has been standing, since October 19 2001 from early morning to late evening, all 7 days of the week, forming a peace watch outside Christianborg the Danish Parliament and government. Hate breeds hate.         

After breakfast  I went out and looked around it was cold the wind cut right through me. I went back in and put on a t shirt on top of my long sleeved top and also gloves, and warmed up. I went to the Old Town Square for the start of the walking tour by Sandeman walking tour I have used them in other cities. The guide set off at a break neck speed he said I can hope you all can keep up. I did keep up for quite awhile made it with them to the break area which was located in the main shopping street Stroeget and had an ice cream the break turned out to be longer than planned so he set off even faster I got  stuck behind a truck turning around and also bikes kept getting in my way, I could see them in the distance then some crazy lady came at me screaming and I have no clue why and now I could barely see the group and decided to give up, I might add that several people quit way before I did. Some of the places we saw during the walk were the Dragon Fountain which has a bull fighting a dragon.  The Stork fountain located in Amagertorv which was a present Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Louise for their Silver Wedding anniversary 1894.
The Stork Fountain

The Dragon Fountain
Impaled Polar Bear Sculpture showing impact of Global Warming

Charity Fountain

I carried along the canal and the sun was coming out and it was starting to look s pretty. I decided to do the canal boat ride because a boat was leaving in a few minutes,it was a nice ride  down the canals we saw the Little Mermaid but not close up I was going to get off the stop but it was so windy and it would be an hour wait for the next boat. On the way back the wind was so bad the water started blowing into the boat like rain so I quickly got out my seat which was in the front and uncovered and moved inside until it calmed down. I could see this very interesting building and I finally got close to it,  the Old Stock Exchange Building. it is one of the oldest buildings (1625) in Copenhagen and it situated on the island of Slotsholmen and it was built by King Christian IV.

Old Stock Exchange

The Little Mermaid

Cricket stows away
along the canal
Dome of Visions