Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A return to Brighton and a visit to Shoreham by the Sea

I decided on a return to Brighton since I was arriving in the evening back to Gatwick, I was worried that my flight would be late and that I'd get back to London really late. I looked around for a something near Gatwick and realized that Brighton was about 30 minutes away, so that made my decision. I booked a room there for two nights. 

My plane was on time and I breezed through Customs which was perfect as I had a concert to go in Brighton as I found out my fave female singer Amy Rigby was playing at the Prince Albert that night. I checked into my hotel and ran and had some chips across the street and set off for the concert talk about crazy directions I ran around about 30 minutes that in the end turned to be  a place that was a 5 minute walk away YIKES.  Amy was awesome and I had a great spot standing near the stage and enjoyed a wonderful show.

Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric

The next morning the blue sky sunshine and warm weather was gone, it was chilly and rainy after grabbing a cup of coffee and a bite to eat at a nearby store I bravely headed to the water front. Brr it was cold and windy I snapped a few shots and even walked through Brighton Palace Pier  trying to warm up and then I found my way to Royal Pavilion and snapped some photos. (The seaside palace of the Prince Regent George IV) and then walked some streets and looked in some places but was so cold decided to return to my hotel to warm up and then back to the fish and chip place for a nice meal. 

The Prince Albert Brighton

The next day I decided to take a bus to Shoreham by the Sea as I had heard about it a few years back. I caught the bus and about 45 minutes later I arrived, to blue skies at least for a few moments. The day turned out that way back and forth between beautiful blue skies and then rain downpour I walked around the very little town and then boarded a bus back to Brighton. The weather there was a bit nicer when I arrived back so I took a slow walk back to my hotel and an excuse for more fish and chips. 

St Mary De Haura Shoreham

St Peters Church converted to flats

pretty window display
views from the Shoreham Toll bridge


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