Monday, March 26, 2018

Beautiful Medieval Regensburg

I decided on a day trip to Regensburg and after breakfast and a short walk to the train station and caught the train.  It was a about a two hour trip and when I arrived I managed to find my way to the center of town after a short walk.  I had a cup of coffee at Micky D's and watched as a girl started going through the garbage for food, someone at the counter saw her and she was chased out of the store, sad thing is someone was with her having a meal.  I then visited the Cathedral which was beautiful, inside and out.

St Peter's Regensburg Cathedral rebuilt 1723

here she comes

I visited several other churches and one Alte Kapelle was having  was having a mass so I went outside to look around.  I went back in after mass but was disappointed that the church area was now closed and I could only look through the "gates" I did manage to snap some photos the place looked like quite heavenly.   

Alte Kapelle Church

I  walked further and saw a beautiful old bridge and walked across and now I was in Old Town. It was quite beautiful but cracked me up to see an Elvis Presley themed Micky D's so I had an ice cream and snapped a few shots. I enjoyed the area it was very beautiful though getting a bit gloomy but no rain and then I slowly headed back to the train station I was getting hungry as it was almost 5 pm so I saw a Turkish restaurant and had a yummy chicken Kebab ending a lovely day.

Old Town

An exterior mural of David & Goliath from 1573

12th century bridge

Elvis themed McDonalds