Thursday, March 15, 2018

Visiting the waterfowl of St James Park

my token bridge shot

It was a rocky start to my trip I arrived at the airport on a cold snowy day in March, part of the never ending winter we seemed to be having.  As soon I checked in I was told there was an earlier flight to Philadelphia and that I should take that flight in case the flight I had been booked on was cancelled. I headed to the plane and when I saw the long line at security I knew the chance of me getting on that flight was impossible. I decided to approach the TPA and  explain the situation and I was allowed to go through the quicker line and then I ran to the flight an heard my name being called. I jumped on board and headed to my seat only to find it taken by a flight attendant who was sitting in it and he handed me a different ticket and told me to sit in it. The flight attended who was working the flight would not let me sit in the seat was immediately told I could not sit there, she was quite rude about it and pointed out another another seat and said sit there. Once I was in Philadelphia I had a wait for the flight when I got on board it was quite empty and as a result I had an entire row to myself. Exhaustion had set in and after dinner with a glass of wine I stretched out across the empty seats and pretty much slept for over 4 hours.

Egyptian Goose and babies

too cute for words

following mom

I was lucky upon my arrival that my room was ready and I was able to check in and after a lay down of 45 minuets and  change of clothes I decided to take advantage of a bit sun and head out for a few hours. I decided to head to St James Park and was rewarded by seeing the Pelicans and also some baby Egyptian goose swimming with their parents I was in heaven. The weeping willows were starting to bloom I just love seeing them in the spring time. The big surprise was seeing this green bird up in a tree and I got closer and snapped a few shots found out there are feral parakeets in the park.

having a good chat

two headed 

one of the famous pelicans of St James Park

feral parakeet 

getting a bit nutty

black beauty

ah the beauty of weeping willows starting to bloom

crocus croaking

daffodils delight

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