Friday, March 23, 2018

Visiting some amazing animals at the Munich Zoo

Yesterday was pretty much a bust I returned to a beautiful Nymphenburg Palace, I had been there once before and loved just walking the grounds but this time it was still winter instead of spring. I walked around a bit but the cold and lack of any flowers I left after less than an hour. I also stopped at a park but no flowers there either wrong time to go to Munich especially with no sign of spring.

Nymphenburg Palace

I decided today to go to the Munich Zoo, the weather had  improved slightly but not enough to go out of town. I headed to the zoo. They had quite a lot of pelicans on a little island 18 in all yes; I did count. I set off looking for the polar bears and I was disappointed as mama and baby were sleeping it was cute how they laid together but I wanted to see them awake. I strolled around got a bit lost and wound up back at the polar bears who were now semi awake perhaps the sun helped, oh so cute.

posing for me

What can I say I love Pelicans

The seals were cute this one was quite a poser, like he knew I was taking photos really made me smile as I snapped some and just watched. I walked into the around and I came across
a monkey island with Hamadryas baboon (had to look them up) 
 they were inside their "home" but they kept opening the hatch to come out doors and they would run out all together, it was fun seeing how they followed each other they would sit for a few moments and go back in. I was fascinated so I watched  for awhile and then they came out for maybe the 5th time and decided to say out and spread on their little island. 

Hamadryas baboon

coming out of the door

The highlight was visiting indoor monkey exhibit it was totally amazing, there was a warning some babies were born and be quite and not upset them. There were several babies the Sumatran orangutan and the Drill also had a baby I was just in awe watching them. All in all the zoo was good and I loved the fact that the Hellabrunn Zoo has been actively involved in European Endangered Species Program and European Studbooks for many years. Endangered species are bred at the zoo to secure their long time survival and where possible for reintroduction into suitable habitats at a later date.

Bruno the Proud is 49 years old

Drill monkey

baby Drill

just hanging around with mom


jumping around

red ruffed lemur


artic fox

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