Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday Sunday Goodbye London for Now

It was nice to have a later flight as in 12.15 last time I had a 10.15 flight so I spent the night close to Heathrow this time I spent it in London. I was up around 7 and got ready to go had time for breki and savored my English bacon and had an 3 pieces OINK. I had plenty of time to get to the tube without rushing so I was on the road about 8.30.  I was smart staying in Kings Cross area as did not have a lot of up and down with my luggage.I got the tube but it was packed surprising really for a Sunday morning. I had to stand the first 4 stops and finally some younger woman noticed me and let me have her seat. Its a long ride to Heathrow about an hour and was there about 9.30.

US airways was pretty unorganized I had been pretty spoiled with Delta's check in the last few times so it was a long wait, felt bad for anyone behind me as they would have really rushed. Security was pretty quick and I had a few moments to check the shops and then saw that is said time to go back to the waiting area. Turns out it was quite a hike, they had a new area, or at least to me where there was this big "frame" with London stuff and you could get in it and pose, I was watching people for a few moments but I realized I did not have time to stop and hope I could get someone to take my photo so sadly I moved on.

The flight to Philly was pretty good dozed some and watched 2 movies and we arrived early damn. The damn was because I had 7 1/2 hour lay over as it was. When you travel with a free air miles tickets you have to take what you get however I did have a free pass to use the Club at US airways We went through immigration and customs pretty quick. Some how I managed to loose my pass and I panicked I was semi hysterical as I counted on relaxing and sleeping in there. I decided to go in anyway and see if they could check to see I had one and they were able to.
never get tired of this view

It was really nice they had snacks you could eat various cheese and wine and water beer and coffee tea and fancy chips, so I had a nice little meal then I walked around and saw another area with tomato bisque soup yummy!  Then I found a quite corner settled down with my little pillow and set my alarm clock my little glass of wine was all I needed to put me out. I slept for close to 2 hours and then I got up and had some water and tried to sleep again. dozing off and on. At around 7 I walked out to look at the schedule and was shocked to see that my 10.50 flight was delayed to 11.20, that figures another 30 mins at the airport, well I went by again closer to 7.30 it was pushed back to midnight and now I started to panic I was already tired and also started to worry what if they cancel the flight, (that happened to me in Florida last year and we had to fly to Albany NY and rent a car and drive home as we would have had to stay 2 extra night to get a flight). I walked up to the desk and the guy checked my ticket said delayed and handed it back. I walked some more then I spotted another desk and walked up to a man there and said would this flight be cancelled he said no. Then he took my ticket and started looking at it and then he said there is a 8.50 I will put you on that. So he made the change and there was the luggage problem he kept making calls to move my luggage. I hurried to the gate as it was already 8.20 lucky it was close so I got there just as they were about to board PHEW. Then came the announcement they were being delayed as the first captain was on a flight that had not even taken off yet and it would be around 9.30 before we could leave. I walked away thinking well cant go back in the club already used my pass so after I bit I walked back to sit it out and try and sleep by the gate.  I got there and suddenly they were boarding the flight was going after all and they were calling for people to come back, not sure what happened but heard the gate agent said he will be on the plane in about another 20 minutes I assume she meant the first captain. We wound up leaving about 30 mins late which was not bad, we landed at 10 pm and I went for my luggage which of course did not make the plane but I did not care I was home saw the arrival times and my flight that I did not have to wait for was due in at 1.40 am.