Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Goodnight Vienna

Neues Rathaus
I was greeted by blue skies and sunshine me on my final day in Vienna after a quick brekie I headed out early to wander around some more before I had to check out. I found another area and what I thought was a church but it was New Town Hall Neues Rathaus which was amazing to look at.  Then I headed to The Rathaus Park it was a nice little park and then found  a church museum they were working on. I knew I was running out of time so I headed back to take the U stopping by the Parliament Buildings again.

Parliament Vienna

I made it back to Pension Mozart in time to check out and then I started talking to the owner I had seen all these photos on the wall that were clearly of her. So I asked her about them and she said she was a conductor originally from St Petersburg in Russia her name was Gal Rasche so she gave me a tour showed me the articles written about her in the newspaper. She showed me the special Mozart room and let me take photos. I also met the bird and the man older gentleman there got the bird to sit on my hand for a photo but he left so Gal took my photo pointing at the bird. It was a nice little visit she told me Vienna is a smaller version of St Petersburg, St Petersburg has been on a list for a few years now. This B and B is one I really enjoyed I would recommend it to anyone.

This room is a must for any Mozart fan

I started back to the train station and noticed a gelato place that I had not seen earlier(too bad it was the best I had) and I decided might be nice to have a bit to tide me over as I walked back to the train station and caught the bus to the airport, As it turned out I was way to early as had to a wait to check in and not many seats I was one of the first to check in though and then looked around a bit I found a airport lounge and was rudely asked what I was doing there and because I was not a member? and started leaving and walked  in confusion I headed the wrong way and got yelled at, man oh man. Just plain RUDE.

The plane ride was not quite as bouncy and we were back to London it was cloudy but not raining I was through customs in minutes because there were so few of us without European passports so I was able to be on the train 45 mins after I landed.  I was back in my old digs at the Montana Excel in Kings Cross/St Pancras area, so now I felt at home.  I went to get some dinner had lamb skewer with chips with garlic sauce and then it started raining so after trying to no avail to find an internet place I set decided to go in for the night. I was exhausted.

I did run around a bit in the morning and bought some Cadbury bars and some Mars bars and then it was off to the train station, I had picked up my ticket the night before which was good as I did not have to rush. Then it was off to visit my cousin Margie and her husband Deric who live outside of Shrewsbury in a quaint village. I had to change trains at Birmingham New Street which brought a tear to my eye because my cousin Michael (died in Jan) lived there and  I could picture him getting off the train there in 2009.  I could not find where the train to Shrewsbury went from I asked several people. I was even told the wrong track that did not even exist but when the man saw me again he sent me in the right direction. I made the train barely.  

I sat in a single seat near the toilet because there was no place to put my suitcase but I had it by the window near there. I used the toilet and it was hard to find the spot to close the door there was a   D  which was for door and a L for lock. Well as people came along most people could not find it so I was giving the instructions to everyone only one person came out and actually said thank you. I had been laughing about it with another woman and I kept putting my hand out like they should be paying me of course they could not see me.

My cousins met me at the station and we made a quick stop at a store where I got some more cadbury bars and then back to the house for a bit of lunch and then just relaxing and catching up. Later we went to a pub for dinner and I had haddock chips and peas, they love those peas with fish.

toilet special Mozart room

It never fails we are everywhere