Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rudeness in Baden

Trinity statue
It was kind of gloomy out and I was trying to decide where to go my last full day in Vienna in the end I choose Baden, the bus was not hard too get to about a 20 minute walk from my new B & B and it left from the Opera House. I asked for a round trip ticket and thought he understood me especially with the price of 6.60 euro which was three times the cost of  the trip to Laxenburg.  So we set off to Baden, arriving in about 45 minutes it was a bit gloomy but not raining.

 I had printed off a city map and direction so I set off but I had trouble figuring out the map at first. I found a tourist information place and asked where the rose garden at park was and she told me. That helped because now I knew how to look at the map once I knew where that was. I found it The Doblhoffpark there were still a lot of roses in bloom in the The Rosarium  and a nice little lake. I strolled around it they were doing work on it looked like covering up things for the approaching winter. There were not a lot of roses left but it was still pretty and gave me an idea what it would like in full bloom.

Interesting Fountain

The Beethoventempel

There were more areas still explore and now I knew how to find them. I went off to Beethoventempel which was in Kurpark The Beethoventempel was built in 1927 on the occasion of the 100th death year of Ludwig van Beethoven. It was quite a hike to the top and climbing many stairs but it was worth it and a nice view. There was  a statue to Mozart on the way up and benches I sat and rested awhile. Then I continued to the top for the temple the inside was beautiful and I sat and enjoyed. Then I headed back down the rest of the park was nice with several different fountains and a man on a horse the park would be beautiful in the spring I am sure. There was a cafe that looked good but it was closed. I saw a casino to the side but had no interest.

Lanner Strauss Monument Kurpark

I walked around the town a bit more and  found The Stadtpfarrkirche St. Stephan and went inside again another beautiful church full of statues. I never get tired viewing the churches of Europe they are amazing.

I was beginning to realize all the towns had a Trinity Statue so took the token photo. I was trying to find where to catch the bus back to Vienna and by chance I saw a different bus stop and at that moment saw the bus coming I ran and made it to the bus. I got on and handed the driver my ticket, and he took it and he looked at it looked at his watch looked at it again and then tore it up and threw it at me and put his hand out for more money. I was shocked guess it was not a round trip ticket so I said how much he looked annoyed and then said 6.60 so I dug out the money and sat down. I was really mad.

I got back to rain in Vienna but it wasn't heavy so I headed off in search of a church I had seen from the bus after a couple blocks walk I found it Karlskirche church I then walked back to the area of St Stephen Cathedral and just strolled around the area. It was approaching dinner time and seeing nothing that appealed decided to have the noodle dish again.
Karlskirche church

A nice little treat awaited me when I got back to my room an assortment of fruit and a thank you for staying there a nice little touch I just relaxed for the evening and read.