Saturday, October 6, 2012

Last time in London for now

After breakfast I went out side to take some photos of Derek's garden and the sun co-operated today we walked around and the mailman showed up as I was filming so he got filmed too and Derek was introducing him.  Sadly it was time to head off for the train it was a short but nice visit and got a chance to catch up on things and also discussions about my cousin Michael who died in January. I really miss him, I saw him on the majority of my trips to the UK and we also traveled England and Ireland together.

My arm was starting to feel better as I had iced it twice and was using the cream. Margie had packed me a lunch, she told me she planned for days, I had 2 small roll ham sandwiches, 2 apples from the garden, 2 Cadbury bars, Spanish orange juice and crisps. Shrewsbury looked lovely in the sun light if only the day before. I sat on the side of the train where I could see the Abbey that is the The Brother Cadfael Chronicles mysteries drew international attention to Shrewsbury.

I had to change trains in Birmingham and was a bit lost but another woman and I figured out where to go and took a lift.  We made the train in plenty of time and I had a good window spot.  I was hungry so I had one of my sandwiches I arrived to blue skies and sunshine in London and back to my B and B when I was there 3 days earlier the woman changed my room from 3rd floor to first floor and it was the same room I had in May.  I quickly changed my clothes and headed for St James Park.

St James must have known it was my goodbye for this trip as it was full of sunshine and squirrels and all the birds, I got my token bridge photo taken. I sat on a bench and had my other sandwich with the crisps. I then walked around and saw the pelicans that I had not seen at the beginning of my trip. I then decided to walk over towards Westminster Cathedral as I had never made it in May. The sun was still shining but evening was descending and the skies were starting to look amazing and I was loving walking back towards Big Ben. After that I crossed over the Westminster Bridge and down along the walk way along the Thames  for a bit and then headed back to the Bridge looking at Ben I could see it was almost 6 so I got a spot and decided to film as Ben struck 6.          

I headed over to the London Eye which was packed well a Saturday night and lovely weather I spotted a whippy ice cream truck and ran to get some I had not seen any this trip I saw on a wall and enjoyed then walked around. I decided to head off to the Menier Chocolate Factory as I had tickets to see Jane Asher in Charley's aunt. I had been in the area at the beginning of my trip but I just was not able to spot the right area. I knew it was on Southwark Street so I kept walking went past the Southwark underground and went in and asked the man there was very helpful and even gave me a map he said I should have gone to London Bridge Underground. I stopped at a Tesco's and grabbed some of my fave cream biscuits and then off to the theater.

The theater was very small and you actually had to walk on the stage to get to your seat which was more bench like and there was not a lot of room esp if you had a bag of things you bought and camera and water. The play was excellent it was very very funny and so many people just laughing out loud I loved it so much, what a great sendoff.  Afterwards walked to London Bridge and he was right it was only a few minutes away. What a great last night in London.