Friday, May 6, 2016

For the cat lovers Cat Cafe (Kačių kavinė) Vilnius

Being a cat owner of five cats I had to visit the Cat Cafe it was quite a hike from where I was staying and looking back I should have taken a bus and also I walked past the actual street it was on by quite a distance. However I shall say that it was quite worth it.  The Cafe was up a bunch of stairs and when you entered I was given shoe covers and instructed to wash my hands. I was amazed how clean the place was despite all the cats that lounged in the room. I was lucky to get a table right away and some how got my self down to the seat that was barely off the floor.  I was immediately visited by cats as I read the menu.  I choose a glass of white wine and a pasta dish and while I waited I walked around to snap photos of the cats there were 13 in all.  I noticed one cat that sat a the table with a couple just enjoying itself. I will let the photos talk for themselves. The Cafe is located at J. J. Jasinskip g.1. Vilnius 1112 Lithunia 

Outside the Cafe