Monday, October 23, 2017

Such Creatures At the Lisbon Zoo

I decided to visit the Lisbon Zoological Garden (founded in 1884 the mission of the Lisbon zoo includes conservation and breeding of endangered species, and scientific research). 

The zoo also holds my fave Koala bears I just can not get enough of them.  I was there pretty early so I walked around a bit checking for restaurants in the area for a meal later on but did not find any.  I went into the zoo as it opened and headed for the Koala Bears first but ran into some beautiful zebras first and then to the Koala.  I was just flipping but I had to stand in the right place to take photos because of the sun coming up. 

I see you

dinner for two


these little creatures escaped

As I continued to wander I watched a show mainly for children with birds at the end the woman posed with some children and a few adults and I managed to get my photo taken for free, there was a area set up when I came in earlier to have your photo taken for 5 euro but I got the freebie.  One of he best things I saw at the zoo was a wonderful show with dolphins and seals. The people who worked with them were amazing and it was a joy to watch. I  wound up seeing the show a second time.


such a face

you make me dizzy miss lizzie

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Goodbye Faro and a visit to the Lisbon Aquarium

Today I headed off to try and find Chapel of the Bones the famous one after getting directions from the man at the desk of my hotel I set out.  I still got a bit lost and finally some how managed to find it. The Igreja do Carmo an 18th century Catholic church is known for its Chapel of the Bones, built out of the skulls and bones of monks. After paying a small admission fee, I went inside. The Church itself was pretty and after exploring it I went inside to see the Chapel as it was only opened for a limited time. 

Igreja do Carmo

Chapel of the bones 

Yes for some crazy reason I posed in the chapel

finally saw the stork in Faro

Shell Woman 

After grabbing a bit of snack I headed towards the train station to board my train to Lisbon. I was early but wanted to make sure I did not miss the train.  I got on and managed to put my suitcase in a good spot and had a seat close to it. I settled in exhausted and trying to sleep; a young man came and sat next to me and pulled out his laptop and I dozed. When I awoke he suggested changing seats but I said no. I felt pretty annoyed with him and had a very wrong first impression. We started to talk and he was such a great person to talk with and we discussed so many thing. When it was time to get off he insisted on taking my luggage and putting it on the platform for me. 

Praca das Nacoe 

I found my hotel and it was only about a 15 min walk from the train station but it was all up hill and it took me longer with my suitcase.  Next I headed to the an area near the Praca das Nacoe I walked around for awhile and  decided to visit the Oceanarium. I am so glad I did it was truly beautiful it has over 8,000 sea creatures!!!! I was squealing with delight with the sea otters, they were so cute and several types of penguins I was so in heaven!!!!!!

Otterly adorable